Cosco 5 Station Multi Gym CG 125

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  • Product Code: CG-125
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  • Cosco Multi Gym CG 125 Five Station Gym
  • Two Suit 145lbs Dead Weight Stacks filled Concrete Vinyl Plates. Dual Powder Coating Finish.
  • Pivot point on leg developer correctly align with knee joint for biomechanics. 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables.
  • 70x50mm heavy-duty construction tube. Contoured, deep padded seat and backrest.
  • Functions: High Pull AB Crunch Tricep Push Down Lat Pull Down Bicep Curl Pectoral Fly Seated Press Bar Row,
  • Functions: Preacher Curl Bench Press, Leg Kick Back, Seated Shoulder Press, Dip ARM Upright Row Standing Leg Curl,
  • Functions: Standing Shoulder Knee Raise & Dip Arm Chin up, Sit up Dumbell Exercise with Lat Pull Bar And Ankle Strap, Power tower.
  • Five Station meet four Person workout:
  • Station 1: Tricep Extension, Leg Extension, High Pull AB Crunch, Tricep Push-down, Lat Pull Down, Biceps Curl, Pectoral Fly, Seated Press Bar Row, Preacher Curl, Leg Kick Back, Seated Shoulder Press, Upright Row, Standing Leg Curl
  • Station 2: Leg Press
  • Station 3: Knee Raise, Dip Arm
  • Station 4: Chin Up
  • Station 5: Sit Up, Dumbbell Exercise.
  • Max User Weight:150 Kgs.
  • Net Weight: 270 Kgs.
  • Assembly Size (LxWxH): 3140 x 2440 x 2300mm
  • Net Weight: 270 Kgs.
  • Max. User Weight: 150 Kgs.
  • Weight Stack: 145 lbs dead Wt. Stacks filled with Concrete Vinyl Plates
  • Assembly (LxWxH): 3140 x 2440 x 2300mm
  • Other Features: 2000 lbs Tensile Strength Aircraft Cable
  • Construction: 70 x 50mm Heavy Duty Tube.





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