KTR Metco Table Tennis Robot Double Headed

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  • Brand: KTR METCO
  • Product Code: TTR05
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  • Metco Table Tennis Robot Double-Headed Movable With Net
  • The new series METCO Table Tennis robot comes with a double head.
  • Its perfect intelligent design succeeds from the masterpiece of the previous generation.
  • The double head makes it serve balls quickly all over the table with different kinds of spin for each head and different throw angle.
  • The 2 wheels make it have the ability to serve straight fastballs or looped ones.
  • Both heads can be turned to serve side spinning balls. Random modes make it suitable for professional players to work their feet.
  • Total Weight: 27.60 KG
  • Net Weight: 19.20 KG
  • Package Measurement: 110*57*42cm
  • Machine body measurement: 52*37*107cm
  • Ball Spin: Each head has 9 different spin selection
  • Serve frequency: 25-85 balls/min
  • Serve Speed: 4-50 m/sec
  • Serve Loop: each head is loop adjustable, adjustable range from 0 to 40 degrees
  • Serve Style: Self-programmable mode for 1-22 spot selection (vert.& hor.)
  • Various Serve Sequence: 30 sets of preset sequence automatic random sequence mode.
  • Serve Quantity: Each head can select of serving in a range from 0 to 9 or infinite total number of balls selection in the range from 1 to 999.





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